How is the High Definition version of our video delivered?
We will discuss your HD delivery options with you at the time of booking. Since your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, we highly recommend the Blu-Ray HD option as this is currently the standard in HD video playback.

Will the cameramen get in the way, and do you use bright lights?
We are experts at being discrete, you will hardly notice us during the day. We document the events rather than direct them. Our cameras work very well with low light conditions, so we refrain from using on camera lighting.

Can I choose the background music for our video?
We are more than happy to accept your choices of any songs that have special meaning to you.

How long will the completed film run?
We strive to work on quality, rather than quantity. Each wedding is different, and it is impossible to provide an exact length of the final film.

When will the finished DVD be delivered to us?
Your DVD will be completely unique. We are not the typical production line for “wedding video”. FSP uses a complex and lengthy process to produce your finished film. Depending on your package, it takes an average of 40 to 180 focused man hours to complete your DVD Documentary. Our target is to deliver within 4-32 weeks.

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