LAST UPDATE: 8-27-19 Apologies on the slow progress on wedding edits as I am just getting through the busiest months of the year for filming and will be back in the edit bay to finish your project soon!

Currently, the approximate turnaround time from wedding to DVD delivery for projects whose payments and/or materials are submitted on time is: 9 months.

Projects generally follow the steps outlined above based on your particular package and are usually delivered in order unless there is a delay in getting any particular materials or necessary input for cover or menu proofing.

CURRENT EDIT – Silvera Film

Next in line for delivery

Silvera 8

Salah 7 Awaiting cover info

Holden 7  Awaiting Doc edit transaction

Griffith 7 Awaiting cover info, documentary and raw footage release

Hulihan 7 Awaiting Cover info and raw footage release

Thesingh 7 Awaiting Cover info and raw footage release Photos

Migliaccio 7 Awaiting Cover info and transaction

Sanchez 3 Awaiting Cover info and raw footage release

Morris 3

Haney 1

Goldman 1

Khosravi 1

Mazza 1

Jones 1


Wehner 1

Boyd 1