LAST UPDATE: 12-22-19

Currently, the approximate turnaround time from wedding to DVD delivery for projects whose payments and/or materials are submitted on time is: 6 months.

Projects generally follow the steps outlined above based on your particular package and are usually delivered in order unless there is a delay in getting any particular materials or necessary input for cover or menu proofing.

CURRENT EDIT – Khosravi Documentary

Next in line for delivery

Khosravi 1 Awaiting Cover info

Sanchez 3 Awaiting Cover info and raw footage release

Salah 7 Awaiting cover info

Holden 7  Awaiting Doc edit transaction

Griffith 7 Awaiting cover info, documentary and raw footage release

Hulihan 7 Awaiting Cover info and raw footage release

Migliaccio 7 Awaiting Cover info and transaction

Morris 3